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Don't think you will get your wish at any time to see Nino sweaty & running around! ;)
He is one of the least people to move around during concert! You will see him more often laying on the floor or sitting down on the moving stage! haha

PS: Got Arena Seat! So can see every News member very clearly when they passby! Kyaaaaa!!! As for fighting man, at first didnt really like it. But after listen to it 4 times during each day of the con, like always JE' pop will grow on you! It has quite a catchy tune.


Nino.....wanna see him sweaty n running here n there XDDD (what a DoS, I am XDDD)

So after hot hot hot sunny torching days in Summer, you'll get a nice rainy n cold Autumn as the premiere of Winter XDD

Oh, yes, News is having their concert. Hope you get a nice seat ^ ^
Fighting Man, is it rocky?


Eh you still in Japan? O.O Or again? XD

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