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Hihi Haruka!
Sorry for my late response. Anyway, welcome to vox!!! ;)
Sure you can add me as your neighbour! Its not a problem!!! ^^
So sorry I won't be adding you back as I do not add people with zero post at all...
But have fun reading my posts!
PS: If you ever open up your posts to other people, I will be happy to add you. 


Hi :)

I'm an ARASHI fan, but not Japaness.

And, I still learn how to used VOX~~~

I have added you to my neighbor.. ^^

Is it OKAY? Don't angry to me although I don't have your approval....

I hope I can be your neighbour :) Please~


THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hugs*

And I also wish that you will have a fabulous 2009!!!! ;)


Just wishing you a happy birthday!!!


I hope everyone respects each other's blogs and entries. I really like coming here and hope that it can remain.


OK ^-^ I reading. I understand.

Thank you for add me..


Well, I believe in making vox a friendly place so I am giving people a 2nd chance. If not, I am going to lock my posts in future...


nods. well i guess it's more like they think it's troublesome so they dont care? maa.. *pat* ^_____^ think of more happy things bah.. like Arashi <3


Thanks a lot dear for adding me.:) I am definitely going to enjoy your posts. I am currently watching the Time Concert.


No problem. Just added u back... ;)

Hope you will enjoy reading my posts!!!


I just found out your blog thru a friend of mine. Is it okay if I add you and add me back? Of course, I respect your requests especially to pictures and stuff posted. Thanks and Regards


Sighs!!!... I wish people would read all lines as it is annoying sometimes... x_x


good luck with everything.......!!! and have fun at the concert :)


hey, there! welcome back. I haven't seen you post lately.. I hope you're not annoyed anymore. *hugs*


*pat* i hope things will work out.. =\ people cant read sometimes..

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