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LOL! It's US 10 - Woman/ US 9 - Man: http://www.i18nguy.com/l10n/shoes.html

Haha we kind of already know from that time he was supposed to buy Ohchan sandals/slippers for his bday but haven't right and he mentioned Ohchan is 26.5. Then in Himitsu M5, they exchanged shoes during the animal print theme. Also one of the latest Orisuta blog entry, he deliberately put on Ohchan's shoes that were beside his.

Just saying he and Ohchan same shoe size :D

La Tormenta

[esto es genial] thanks for share it!...tan salvaje xD


I think his feet is just ok with a guy...

There was a period when I was young and Dr Martens used to be a hottest and latest thing to be wearing around! Used to own a pair of Dr Martens too! LOLOLOL

Well, am glad you like these shots!

Tenjo Style

I can't believe it either!!!

Wow, Dr Marten ^____^


love Dr Marten<333


Wah so dirty!! XDDD Esp. the boots *gg* Demo you made some really great shots! Thanks so much! You captered all the interesting stuff!! Also wanted to know the boots size XDDD So it's German 42 size .. hmmm .. not that big.. I have 38. XD

Dr. Martens? Is that a brand? XD I have no clue *rolls on ground*

Thanks dear! With that got the feeling I was also there to take a look at the costume <3<3<3<3

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